Officials of the Bush called Putin a “best ally” in the terrorist attacks of 9/11

Former officials of the George W. Bush administration praised the actions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In a large material of the publication Politico, marking the 15th anniversary of the largest terrorist attacks in American history, former press Secretary of US President Ari Fleischer said that on that day the Russian President was acting “fantastic”.

“In 2001, it was another Vladimir Putin. America could not be the best ally September 11 than Russia and Putin,” — he said.

Former in 2001, the Deputy press Secretary of the President of the United States Gordon jondro said that Putin’s actions were very important for the Bush administration that day. According to him, was powered military warning system for nuclear attack.

“We wanted Putin to know that we are not prepared to attack Russia. He behaved perfectly immediately declared that Russia will not answer, Russia will not announce the alarm,” said jandro. According to him, Putin assured that he understands the position of the United States, which were the object of attack and were forced to bring its forces on alert.