The defense Ministry first showed footage of combat capabilities of “Armata”

The defense Ministry on Sunday, September 11, the Day the tanker has published on its website a video first demonstrating the combat capabilities of the T-14 “Armata”.

“In the video, the defense Ministry first shown unique shots, showing the possibility of advanced tanks T-14 “Armata”, including the overcoming of obstacles they “comb”, “pool”, and “slope” as well as footage of exercises “Vostok 2007″ featuring tank armadas”, – stated in the message.

Also the footage are scenes of movement of armored columns and overcoming obstacles, combat vehicles during the exercise and on the tank ranges, and the scene master driving and shooting a tank crew during the international competition “Tank biathlon”.

Images – the most spectacular and rarest of the modern history of armored forces, says the Russian defense Ministry.

Tankman day is celebrated in Russia on the second Sunday of September.