The head of the CIA saw Russia’s “formidable opponent” and partner at the same time

CIA Director John Brennan said Russia was “a formidable opponent”, but America can’t do without her cooperation in some areas such as settlement in Syria.

“Russia is a formidable opponent in many areas, at the same time there are areas where we need to be able to work together with Russia, especially in Syria,” said Brennan in the TV channel SBC News.

At the same time, the head of the CIA was not to blame Russia for the cyber attack on the servers of the US Democratic party, which led to the leak of information about the manipulations in the leadership of the party against rivals of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the primaries. However, according to him, it is necessary to closely monitor Russia’s activity in cyberspace.

“I believe that we must be highly attentive to what concerns Russia’s attempts to collect information in cyberspace. It is also important that they are going to do with this information”, — said the Director of the CIA.