USA explained the Syrian opposition the provisions of the agreement with Russia

The document, seen by Reuters, was sent to the Syrian moderate opposition the U.S. special envoy on Syria, Michael Ratni. It indicated that cooperation with the group “Fateh al sham” (formerly “Front EN-Nusra” associated with banned terrorist organization “al-Qaeda”) can lead to “alarming consequences” for the enemy of Bashar al-Assad in the event of the entry into force of the Russian-American agreement on the joint fight against terrorists.

In the document the opposition is urged to act in accordance with agreements with Russia. This indicates that the agreements with Moscow give the moderate opposition the right to self-defence in case of attack from Russia or the Syrian army.

Ratni also pointed out that in accordance with the document, the Syrian air force will stop air attacks on the positions of the moderate opposition and the areas it controls.

Last Friday, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and Secretary of state John Kerry after 15 hours of negotiations announced an agreement. The plan envisages a ceasefire, the establishment of a joint center for the delimitation of the parties, the cessation of attacks by Syrian aircraft. The strikes against terrorists will apply solely United States air force, and Russia will coordinate their actions. Provides for the establishment of a demilitarized zone around Aleppo and the resumption of humanitarian operations.

Lavrov noted that the absolute guarantee of implementation of these agreements, “one can not give”. “Too many players involved in this puzzle, too Diametric interests of a number of of them,” he said.

Later, the Syrian opposition announced that it will accept the conditions of the Russian-American agreement in that case, if the truce will abide by the government army.