Banks asked the Central Bank access to credit histories without the consent of the citizens

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the letter the regulator sent the banking community under the auspices of the Association “Russia”. They offered to change the law “On credit histories” so that banks could request a credit history of citizens without their consent.

In particular we are talking about the abolition of the necessity of obtaining consent to a request to the CRA for those citizens, who are already with the Bank in a contractual relationship. In addition, the authors of the letter asked to do so once consent was indefinite.

Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia Mikhail Sukhov told the newspaper that the regulator may consider the possibility, however, awaits the weighty arguments from the banking community. “It is logical that information about the borrower’s credit history was disclosed at the time of applying for a loan,” he said.

Still, the Bank of Russia refused to discuss this issue, as the banks ‘ access to BCI will generate pre-approved offers without the participation of the client. Bankers argue that in the case of acquaintance with the credit history of the client, they could only make real offers. However, human rights activists believe that this change in legislation may lead to negative consequences. The Chairman of the Confederation of consumer societies Dmitry Yanin assumes that after this it may be a new wave of imposing of credits, which will result in a default by the borrower due to low financial literacy.

According to Yanina, precompany options, such as credit card, which was sent earlier many banks, provoke a man to take a loan, and the borrower doesn’t always understand that the money they will have to return.