Hot picks: as pneumonia Clinton impact on the outcome of voting in the United States

Allergic became pneumonia

Hillary Clinton, a candidate for U.S. President from the Democratic party, canceled their two-day campaign events in California, participation in events in Nevada in question, reports The Washington Post. The decision of the Clinton associated with the condition. On Sunday, the journalists and the audience noticed that she became ill during a ceremony in new York in memory of the 15-anniversary of the September 11 attacks. As reported by the American media, Clinton left the event early and almost fell getting into the car. After a short rest in the house of the daughter of Clinton went to his house, and the representative of her staff said that she became ill from “overheating”. However, the personal physician candidate Lisa’s Chaos said that Clinton pneumonia.

Disease Clinton again provokes the question of the health of the candidates, write The New York Times and The Washington Post. They note that in the current campaign on the health status of the candidates know far less than in the previous year.

Last year, the two main candidates, both Clinton and Donald trump is the Republican candidate, released a report on the state of health. However, the records take no more than two pages, not comparable with the report that candidates have published in the past. So, John McCain in 2008 published in the report of 1000 pages.

What is known about the health of candidates

Malaise Clinton representatives of the Republican party noticed a few weeks ago, drawing attention to her coughing. Representatives of the democratic headquarters was then told that former Secretary of state seasonal allergies.

As explained in a Sunday statement, physician Clinton, 68-year-old Secretary suffered from allergic cough and only after consultation with the doctor on Friday revealed that she had pneumonia, which was treated with antibiotics.

The incident at the funeral ceremony, the doctor explained the Mess by heat, antibiotics, coupled with dehydration.

CNN notes that during its work, Secretary Clinton made the long trip and kept a good healthy. In the report of 2015, her doctor wrote the Mess that Clinton hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid hormones) and seasonal allergies. In the past, in 1998 and 2009, she had a thrombosis, in 2009, she broke her elbow, and in 2012 she had a concussion. In 1998 she was advised to take medication to thin the blood to prevent blood clots.

About the health of 70-year-old Donald trump much less is known. In 2015, his doctor issued a letter stating that trump could become “the healthiest person who would be chosen President.”

Last week trump said he was ready to publish a full medical report, if Clinton will do the same.

Unlikely health Clinton something critical, if generally there were serious fears that it, as nominee of the American establishment, has not advanced, and found a replacement, believes Dmitry Suslov, Deputy Director of the Center for comprehensive European and international studies higher school of Economics, program Director of the international discussion club “Valdai”.

How will it affect the campaign

While rival Clinton decided not to earn political points in her illness. The Republican candidate instructed his aides and participants of the election campaign that they did not write anything negative about the illness of Clinton in social networks, reported CNN, citing sources in the election headquarters of the trump.

Previously, he and his supporters have repeatedly accused Clinton is that for health reasons she cannot be a successful President. Thus, former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani repeatedly attacked Clinton for the fact that she looks “tired” and “sick”. Clinton said in response that all the insinuations about her health are the epitome of the “conspiracy theory”.

According to the latest poll by the Washington Post and ABC news, in the whole country support Clinton, 46% of voters, and trump’s 41%. However, the gap between them is decreasing in some swing States.

Still all the questions about the health of the Clinton was viewed through the prism of the statements of its opponents, which she called “conspiracy theories”, but now in fact, this theory receives confirmation, so critics of the policy had the trump card, says Yuri Rogulev, Director of Fund of studying of the USA Franklin Roosevelt. He drew attention to the fact that pneumonia in the age of Clinton is not as easy as in younger, and requires compliance with certain modes, which may lead to serious schedule adjustments. And it is at this stage of the campaign (two months before its completion) is highly undesirable and could play in favor of trump. Now, by the remark And, comes the most intense part of the campaign, on 26 September, scheduled the first debate between Clinton and trump, so any problems from Clinton may not play in her favor.

In addition to Clinton, trump has other contenders. Participate in elections libertarian Gary Johnson, Jill Stein from the green and Darrell castle of the Constitutional party.

“Conversations about the health of Clinton will be inflated and used by the staff of trump as a weapon in her torpedoing. Now in connection with a disease these accusations will be strengthened and used and can bring Trump a few extra percent rating, but overall, the campaign is not affected,” — said Suslov. Much will depend on three debates: if Clinton is in good shape, it will be able to play these small losses, he said.

If Clinton suddenly because of this disease or some other accident will be forced to drop out of the race, the Democratic party will hold a Congress and elect a replacement, but in this case the new candidate is unlikely to win over trump, says Suslov.

According to Bloomberg, the information about the disease Clinton has worried analysts, because the health status of both candidates, which are about 70, can lead to a negative reaction from the markets. Representative Recon Capitals Partners Kevin Kelly said that the situation is rather complex because the overall market is confident in the victory of Clinton in the elections, and unexpected changes may lead to changes in the mood. At the same time, a representative of RBC Capital Markets Jonathan Golub pointed out that we must be very careful not to try to infer from the latest news. “The significance would be if there is information that the state of health of Clinton’s catastrophic,” he said.