Khodorkovsky began to search for a candidate for the presidential elections 2018

Alternative candidate

Monday starts the project “Instead of Putin”, the task is to choose an alternative presidential candidate who will be elected in the elections of 2018 with the support of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and compete with Vladimir Putin. About Khodorkovsky said .

The day of the start of the project will launch a website where will be presented the list of candidates for the role of “candidate of Khodorkovsky.” Everyone will be able to vote for any of them, and at the final stage of the jury based on the results of voting will choose the next presidential candidate. Khodorkovsky, if necessary. will support the elected candidate — legal, information, and assistance with the organisation of staff and the collection of signatures.

While the list of 14 people, but it will expand. In the future, my candidate will be available to everyone, says the head of “fair elections” Timur Valeev. Among the already proposed candidates, the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman, founder of the “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky, chair of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov, the daughter of Boris Yeltsin Tatyana Yumashev, Vice-President of Transparency International Elena Panfilova, member of political Committee of “Yabloko” and former Deputy of the Pskov legislative Assembly Lev Shlosberg. Also on the list were former Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, the former Governor of Perm region Oleg Chirkunov, a lawyer and former constitutional court judge Tatiana Morshchakova, historian Ivan kurilla and journalists Sergei Medvedev, Elena Rykovtseva and Olga Beshley.

Also proposed the candidacy of Alexei Navalny, but information about it will be posted indicating that the politician does not yet have the right to run. “If election will change the legislation on the prohibition to run for office with a criminal record, or Bulk to challenge the conviction, it will become a full participant in the project on equipment of the candidate,” — said the press Secretary of the “Open elections” Maria Galitskaya.

The jury will be able to enter everyone politicians and public figures, and it can be people of all views, including members of “United Russia”, said Valeev. While the jury included the Chairman of PARNAS and coordinator, “Open Russia” Vladimir Kara-Murza, the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Gudkov, architect Eugene Asse and political consultant Stanislav Belkovsky.

The “candidates” do not know

The candidates themselves do not know what became participants in the project Khodorkovsky, said Valeev. “At the time of nomination, his opinion does not interest us, — he stressed. — If the person does not want to participate in the project, it can be removed at his request”.

Navalny and Yabloko leader Grigory Yavlinsky, refused to comment. “We sit and laugh around the office,” — said a source in the Fund of struggle against corruption Navalny. Schlossberg in conversation with said that he first heard about his participation in this project and is not ready to comment on this question, as busy preparing for the Duma elections.

“Do you think I have a little problem? Let’s pretend that you to me did not get through,” said one of the interlocutors , who are in the list of “candidates” when I heard the question .

Panfilova in response to a question said that “I almost fell off my chair, and then proposed to nominate several people for the Pope”. “I am for freedom of speech and expression, but I really appreciate things like responsibility and respect for others. I think that it [than to launch such a project], we must at least ask the people,” she said, adding that “serious projects not to do so”.

Khodorkovsky explained that he decided to organize the elections of a presidential candidate due to unexpectedly successfully developing the project “Open elections”. The project has already decided its tasks, tells Khodorkovsky: found a new political entity, a large number of activists gained experience in political work, the society presented a positive alternative to the current government. The new project will give the opportunity to continue and develop this work, he said. “Open elections” was launched to support opposition candidates in single-mandate candidates in the parliamentary elections in September 2016. Candidates from “open Russia”, in the main, been nominated by a party PARNAS. Opposition activist Maria Baronova was the only one who decided to move forward with the support of “Open elections” as an independent candidate, she managed to collect signatures and to register as a candidate in the Central administrative district of Moscow.

Opposition presidential candidate under the authoritarian regime could not gain power through elections under the existing rules, said Khodorkovsky, the question is not whether he thinks the support from his side, an additional risk for the candidate. “The power he can get as a result of unexpected changes, after which the political environment will change so that support the “Open Russia” will be a serious argument, ” he added. “I’m still not interested in the struggle for power, — said Khodorkovsky. — My personal priority is the creation of social environment conducive to change. The obligations but not to engage in politics I did not take one, and I on not taking”. In the current environment of tightening of authoritarianism and threats of opposition withdrawal in the direction of this cowardice, he added.

Before the start of the presidential campaign more than a year, said political analyst Abbas Gallyamov, and raises the question of why Khodorkovsky chose to declare their interest in the election right now. “Most likely, he does not exclude the possibility that presidential elections will be early — suggested Gallyamov. — In addition, he understands that too long absence on the agenda could lead to the fact that he will not be able to return to it: there will be new heroes who will eventually supplant him in the story.” However, to interrupt the theme of the Duma elections a week before election day difficult, and it would be better to wait with the announcement of a presidential project until a new political season, says Gallyamov.