Media reported about the seizure of documents in the office of the Central Bank in the center of Moscow

According to “Vedomosti”, the seizure of documents held in the office of the main Department of the Bank of Russia for the Central Federal district at ulitsa Balchug, 2. The source pointed out that the building came the investigators, who were accompanied by Riot policemen.

The incident, one of the interlocutors of the newspaper explained the situation with the International joint-stock Bank. According to him, seized the documents related to this credit institution. Thus in a press-service of the Central Bank, “Vedomosti” said that “investigative actions were conducted in respect of certain employees of Bank of Russia”. More detailed comments in the Central Bank refused.

Employee of the Central Bank expressed surprise at the fact that to obtain documents needed for the arrival of the investigators, since it is usually the Bank of Russia to provide this paper on request.

The license of the International joint-stock Bank was withdrawn in February of this year. Later it turned out that disappeared from the Bank more than 6 billion rubles to the FSUE “almazuvelirexport”. The consequence suspects the money was stolen a top Manager of a unitary enterprise.