The court refused to release complained of the pressure of the FSB General TFR

Lefortovo court of the capital on Monday extended till December 19 the arrest of the TFR to General Denis Nikandrov, who is accused of receiving a bribe for the release of associates of a reputable businessman Zakhar Kalashov (according to investigators, the crime boss, also known as Shakro Young). He will remain in custody until December 19.

Nikandrova brought before the court, he was dressed in a grey tracksuit Boss and looked focused. Early in the process, his lawyers challenged the judge, explaining that stakeholders consider all of the Lefortovo court. In particular, the interest of the court, the protection of the General motivated the regular work of judges with the investigating officers of the FSB, which geographically belong to the jurisdiction of the court.

Sam Nikandrov has explained that in particular employees of the Department “M” FSB constantly visit him in the detention center and pressured. “They say that all judges of the Lefortovo court controlled by them. Therefore, I ask to have my case reviewed by another court,” — said in court Nikandrov.

The challenge was rejected, and the trial at the request of the investigator continued behind closed doors. The investigation insisted that otherwise, in the presence of journalists will be divulged secret preliminary investigation.

Help $500 thousand

Three high-ranking investigator: head of Department of own safety of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Limonov, as well as the Deputy head of the Main investigation Department of Moscow Denis Nikandrov, according to investigators, the money was trying to arrange his release close Shakro Andrew Kochanova (Italian) and Edward Romanov detained after clashes near the cafe Elements on the street Rochdelskaya str.

As follows from the decision on initiation of proceedings, which was read , Maksimenko and Limonov received from Shakro $500 thousand And then brought to the crime nikandrova, which according to the prosecution, instructed his subordinates to transfer the investigation of the case close Shakro of a capital Central Board of the County — the investigation Department for the Central DISTRICT, and then to reduce the charges.

In April, the case came to the SU DISTRICT, and may charge Kochanova and Romanov was changed from “hooliganism”, article 213 of the Criminal code, article 330 of the criminal code — “arbitrariness”. Thus, by June for a new article expired the maximum possible period of detention and defendants had to be released. But their case was transferred to the Main investigation Department of the Ministry of interior, and the prosecution again changed, but on a more serious — extortion 8 million roubles, the mistress of the café Jeanne Kim (article 163 of the criminal code).

“We need to get off”

One of the main evidence of the prosecution are still wiretapping the conversations Maksimenko, nikandrova and Laminova. As follows from the reference ORM, which was able to see , online monitoring of the senior investigators began just a week after a showdown on Rochdelskaya — at the end of December 2015. While it is known of three recorded conversations.

During the first conversation of Limonov asked nikandrova to change the investigator who investigated the case Kochanova and Romanov, it follows from the transcripts of negotiations they learned . In the second conversation Maksimenko and Limonov already discussing the transfer of money from Shakro for leniency Italian. During this conversation, they call different amounts, from two hundred to five hundred. From the context of the discussions it follows that we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“The money is in my safe. Nikandrov aware, aware of everything,” says the record of Limonov. They mention themselves Shakro and Italian, head of the investigation Department at the TSA. And context of the conversation implies that senior investigators are trying to figure out who else besides them is busy for the liberation of people of authority. “We need to jump out of the case,” at the end of this conversation says Maximenko.

The day before his arrest on July 18 was held the third conversation, the transcripts of wiretaps. Maksimenko and Limonov already talking about the situation around them rapid development and contend that their office is bugged. “Reported to the Chairman, the President, [head of the FSB Alexander] Bortnikov that we sided with the bandits. But as there have actually you can bind? To me it does not occur”, — said Maksimenko. The next day all three were arrested and Lefortovo court issued a warrant for their arrest.

Revenge of the FSB

The defendants themselves since the time of his arrest in July, said the innocent. Nikandrov already from prison wrote an open letter to the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, in which he accused the FSB of involvement and asked to pick up the investigation in the TFR. He argued that the prosecution was the result of the conflict between intelligence services — controlled “M” of FSB and Department of own security of the TFR, where he worked Maksimenko. He also insisted that changing the charges on a softer composition Kochunov and Romanov were legitimate, as the café was precisely the arbitrariness (his requirement) and not extortion (another requirement).

As follows from the transcript of the record of events in the café, which was led by the hostess, Jeanne Kim (have) negotiations at the cafe is really concerned a property dispute between the designer Fatima Misikova and Kim. Misikova, which was engaged in the renovation of the restaurant, insisted that Kim did not pay her 8 million rubles and now the designer can not pay workers. The very same Kim, as appears from the record, did not deny this, but said that misikova not completed repairs, buying pillows at fantastic prices and in order to open the school by the time she had to hire other workers and to invest 15 million rubles.

Monday in court Nikandrov put forward the theory that his criminal case could be revenge by the FSB for the fact that he refused to reduce the charges to lawyer Kim Edward Budanceva. During clashes on Rochdelskaya Budantsev shot two people Italian. Now he is charged with double homicide. But as earlier it was told by sources close to the investigation, now we are discussing the issue of requalification of the charges to self-defence.

According to Nikanorova, the softening article Budantseva he asked the employees of the Department “M” FSB.