The Parliament of Belarus were one candidate from the opposition party

Speaking at a press conference in Minsk, Yarmoshyna said that according to preliminary data, in one of the constituencies in the Belarusian capital was won by the representative of the opposition United civil party Anna konopacka, which went to former presidential candidate, Belarus Tatsiana Karatkevich, informs the Agency “RIA Novosti”.

Yarmoshyna stressed that the data about the winners of the elections act gradually, and the full composition of the 110-seat Parliament will be known in the morning.

Anna konopacka ran for 97-th electoral district in Minsk. She is a local entrepreneur, and her main rival were the chief of the railway station “Minsk-passenger” Alexander the Yeast.

The United civil party was founded in 1995. In the previous parliamentary elections, its leadership refused to participate in the struggle for seats in the National Assembly, citing violations of democratic freedoms.

The last time the candidates from the United civil party came to the Parliament of Belarus in 2000. Then in the National Assembly were representatives of organizations that supported the policies of President Alexander Lukashenko.