The Russian Navy called the goal of the joint Russian-Chinese exercises in the South China sea

Joint Russian-Chinese exercises “Sea interaction-2016” held at the defence purposes and focused on the organization of interaction “primarily peaceful purposes”, said the Deputy commander of the Russian Navy Vice – Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov.

He said that such exercises are conducted annually, in the current teaching of indigenous difference is not. “But every time we build the foundations of our interaction, control systems, ensure full clarity in the actions of commanders,” — said Vice-Admiral (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to him, the “Sea cooperation-2016” will be created two troop ships and the opposing side “to organize interaction and to ensure full cooperation.”

“We are increasing the quality of the episodes of the practice, increasing collaboration in all regions, with the aim primarily of defence. Defense against the force on our side,” — said the Deputy commander of the Russian Navy.

He stressed that cooperation between Russia and China is directed “not against anyone”, and “to protect the mutual interests and security in all regions of the World ocean”.

“It’s very good, when the two countries, powerful great powers interact. This guarantees peace not only in the regions of our country, but practically throughout the world,” — said Fedotenkov.

In China to participate in “Maritime cooperation-2016” came the detachment of combat ships of the Pacific fleet in the large anti-submarine ships “Admiral Tributs”, “Admiral Vinogradov” large landing ships “Relight”, sea tug Alatau and tanker Pacing”. Commander — the commander of the Seaside flotilla of the Pacific fleet, rear Admiral Vadim to Kulit. Active phase of the exercises will be held on 15-19 September.

On the eve of the start of the exercises announced China Navy.They will be held in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. In the framework of the “Sea interaction-2016” will be worked out maneuvers of submarines, ships and aircraft, the report China’s Navy.

In addition, the parties will practice operations fire and rescue activities including “capture the island”. Stated that the landing will be the biggest operation ever carried out together by Russia and China.

In July, the Chinese authorities have stated that the exercises are of a conventional nature and are not aimed at other countries. However, as noted by Reuters, the maneuvers against the backdrop of the territorial dispute that arose in China with Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines. Beijing claims most of the South China sea, however, before the court of arbitration in the Hague ruled that China cannot be a reason for it.

In early September, at the G20 summit in China the head of China XI Jinping stressed that China and Russia should “strengthen all-round cooperation”, including “support of other countries to protect sovereignty”