Trump instructed not to comment on the disease Clinton in a negative way

As reported by CNN, citing sources in the election headquarters trump, the Republican candidate instructed his aides and participants of the election campaign that they did not write anything negative about the illness of Clinton in social networks. According to the interlocutor of the television, surrounded by trump decided with respect to this situation.

CNN notes that the trump, who decided to abandon pre-election rhetoric on his twitter on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, remained silent on Sunday, limiting the message in the memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks.

Earlier, the 70-year-old trump has repeatedly hinted that Clinton is not physically ready to be President of the United States. While both candidates preferred not to talk about their health.

Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia. Antibiotics and dehydration has led to the fact that she nearly fainted during a funeral ceremony in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks in new York and canceled a campaign trip to California scheduled for Monday.