Corruption high flying: what accuse the head of the flight detachment “Russia”

On Tuesday, September 13, the Basmanny court of Moscow has placed the Director General of the Special flight detachment “Russia” Yaroslav Odintseva under house arrest until November 6. He is charged under article 285 of the criminal code (abuse of power), the maximum penalty is deprivation of liberty for a term up to four years, reported the press service of the court. He Odintsev denies guilt.

Acting CEO appointed as first Deputy Odintseva Andrei Tyurin.

In the office of the President, who is subordinate to the mod are not familiar with the case materials, have informed “RIA Novosti” the press service of the administration.

The Secretary of the President Elena Krylova said that the arrest of Odintseva will not affect the work of the task force. This was stated by Dmitry Peskov. In addition, the press Secretary of the President asked whether the user Manager is not notified about the arrest of the General Director of the aircraft division. Peskov said that the procedure of arrest do not require approval: “There is suspicion and accusation of the investigating authorities. However, the main principle remains that without a court order to draw conclusions impossible.” He also noted that Vladimir Putin is aware of the incident.

New helper

At the beginning of the year, several employees of the flight detachment “Russia” were involved in a criminal case about swindle in especially large sizes. As reported by the “Kommersant” newspaper, was arrested the head of the procurement service of “Russia” Igor Kovalenko, member of the competition Commission of the same, research Pozdnyakov Dmitry, engineer Sergey Chernukhin. According to the materials of the case, in the performance of the state contract for repair of air conditioning systems of aircraft Tu-204, Tu-214 and Il-96 which are operated SLO “Russia”, the defendants have overstated their cost 50 million rubles, specified by the end by JSC “NPO “Nauka”, to 96,1 million rubles this money, according to investigators, was stolen with the help of the created firms-a something ephemeral.

Presidential flight

Fgbi “Special flight detachment “Russia” was established in 2009 on the basis of the government’s squadron was allocated from the state transport company “Russia”. Subordinated to the administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation. Point home airport Vnukovo.

It is the special squad “Russia” is engaged in the aviation carriage of the President, the government, speakers of the Federation Council and the state Duma, chairmen of constitutional and Supreme courts, the Prosecutor General, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, head of the presidential administration, Minister of foreign Affairs, delegations of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Supreme authorities.

The arrest of the commander of the flight detachment “Russia”: is on the case of GU SK Video: Channel

The fleet of special ops 63 vehicles, including the presidential Il-96-300PU. On average, each year the Office of the President buys for riot by three or four new aircraft, said in January 2015 in an interview with RIA Novosti the administration of the President Alexander Kolpakov. In addition to outdated Russian aircraft, which also includes Il-18, Il-62 and Yak-40, from the squadron Manager displays and foreign aircraft, he reported. Just 2012-2015 Taskforce was to receive for the purchase of new equipment of approximately 9 billion rubles, follows from the decision of the government dated 8 November 2012. Executed this plan, Khrekov clarify difficult.

According in 2010-2016, the Taskforce concluded 22 contracts with the FSB, the office of the President and the Constitutional court in the amount of 853,5 million rubles.