Runaway from-under arrest, accused of smuggling complained to the TFR

A former official of the Petersburg management of Federal registration service Boris Avakian, accused on charges of smuggling and recently escaped from house arrest, addressed a letter to the Investigation Committee. In circulation (is available), which filed on behalf of the investigator for particularly important cases of Oleg Martynov, Avakian wrote that he feared “accusatory bias in the investigation”.

Avakian was arrested in Moscow on 28 July, the staff of management “K” (counter-intelligence is engaged in providing credit and financial system of the economic security Service of FSB. The next day he was sent under house arrest by the decision of the court of Kronstadt in St. Petersburg. The meeting lasted for five hours, the Prosecutor insisted during the hearings that Avakian needs to be released.

Avagyan was charged under article “evasion from payment of customs payments to organizations or individuals” (article 194 of the criminal code). According to the TFR, Avakian was imported into Russia clothing and electronics under the guise of cheap materials, the damage from its activities is estimated to be worth over 800 million rubles. Investigators believe that the amount could rise to 4 billion rubles, wrote “Kommersant”.

September 5 the employees of the FSIN checked as Avakian observes the conditions of house arrest. Shortly thereafter, Avakian left his apartment, said a source familiar with the investigation. The defendant in the case was missing a bracelet, since the moment of election of a measure of restraint the local administration of the FSIN was not free of the bracelets, wrote “Fontanka”. In a press-service of the Ministry confirmed that Avakian has violated the conditions of house arrest.

August 30, Avakian saw at the beauty salon where he had a manicure, specifies the edition. He later crossed the border with Belarus, where I went to Ukraine, then to Armenia, where the defendant planned the wedding.

In his statement to the investigator, Avakian wrote that you will not be able to participate in the planned investigative actions, because forced to leave the territory of Russia, fear of illegal prosecution. The defendant emphasizes that the case against him was initiated by the operative of Department of fight against smuggling (SPONGE) of the FCS of Russia Pavel Smolyarchuk and chief of the 7th division (in charge of customs) management “To” SEB FSB Vadim Uvarov, in respect of which he testified, indicating that they are involved in smuggling schemes. Avakian argues that Smolyarchuk and Uvarov thus tend to discredit the communicated information and blaming him for their crimes”.

Avakian believes that the investigation is preparing to indict him on new charges that lead to his room in the infirmary. “In the event of my detention, I fear for my life and health,” said Avakian, indicating that it is ready to continue to cooperate with law enforcement.

Testimony at Avakian gave the businessman Dmitry Zarubin, another defendant in the case of smuggling, writes “Novaya Gazeta”, citing a source in the TFR. This information was to form the basis of new charges under article “organization of criminal community” (part 1 of article 210 of the criminal code).