Seven Russian companies were included in the 100 largest arms suppliers in the world

Seven Russian companies were included in the rating of the military-industrial companies received the highest income from sales of military products for the year 2015. The rankings are compiled annually by the authoritative American edition of DefenseNews.

The highest position among Russian producers of weapons occupied the concern “Almaz-Antey”. According to the publication, in 2015, the company earned 6.9 billion dollars. This provided the “Diamond-anteyu” 11 th place in the world ranking. Compared to the previous year, the index declined 24.4%, but in the rating remained the same.

Following the Russian company — JSC “United aircraft Corporation” — took the 16-th position in the list. In 2015 it earned $ 4.6 billion. The KLA has also lost more than 25% of their income compared to 2014. During the year the company has lost in the ranking by two positions.

Also two positions in the international rating of Russian enterprises lost “Helicopters of Russia”. According to DefenseNews, the Corporation earned $ 3.2 billion — 19% less than last year. According to the results of 2015, the company took 25 th place ranking.

JSC “Corporation “Tactical missiles” has earned in 2015, $ 2.4 billion, which enabled it to get on the 37-th position. This is the only company that showed a positive dynamics of revenues in the current year the growth amounted to 11%.

The rating also is JSC “Concern radio-Electronic technologies (1,7 mlrd $ 48-e a place), “Uralvagonzavod” ($1 billion, 60-th place), “RTI” (0.7 billion dollars, 83-e a place).

According to the Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Ruslan Pukhov, the declining position of Russian companies due to the fact that most of the sales occur in the domestic market and is in rubles, and composers of a rating considered income in dollars. “Besides the last few years, exports grew, but this could not continue indefinitely, the expected stepped plateau” — the expert adds. Another reason for the declining position of Russian companies in 2015, Pukhov describes the main problems of the Russian partners — the oil-rich countries. “After the fall in oil prices dipped sales to Venezuela, Syria also from the category of partners moved into the category of countries which we support,” — said the expert. Pukhov stressed that the rating cannot be called complete without the Chinese and North Korean companies. DefenseNews explains their absence that they do not publish public data on sales.

The first three places in the rating of 2012 is Lockheed Martin (40.5 billion dollars, a rise of 1% compared to the previous year), Boeing (30.4 billion dollars, a growth of 4.8%) and BAE Systems (25.3 billion revenues, a decline of 0.6%).

Russia in 2014-2015 ranked second in arms exports among exporting countries, to the report of the Stockholm international Institute for peace studies (SIPRI). During the reporting period, Russia has sold weapons to $ 10.9 billion. The first place is the USA with a rate of 20.9 billion dollars. In 2016 Russia plans to sell weapons to 15 billion dollars, said Deputy General Director of “Rosoboronexport” Sergey Grislawski.