The Kremlin will change its curator of the state Duma after the elections

The next day after the elections of the state Duma, the presidential administration will leave its curator — the Deputy chief of management of internal policy of the Kremlin radium Khabirov. He has already submitted a letter of resignation, 19 September (elections will be held on 18 September he was leaving, told two of the interlocutor in presidential administration. Khabirov on Thursday evening, didn’t answer calls of the correspondent .

Khabirov internal allocation of duties interacted with the Parliament, it is logical that the new convocation of the state Duma will be the new curator, explains one of the interlocutors. He stressed that the election Habirov does, so his plans will not affect the progress of the election campaign. The name of the changer, the interlocutors do not call.

The farther will be the official sources do not reveal. According to one of them, he’ll move to the Executive system.

The Department of internal policy is the largest in the Kremlin. His work is supervised by the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin (now he is on vacation, as part of the election list of “United Russia” and is running for the state Duma) and is headed by Tatyana Voronova. She has five deputies: is Timur Prokopenko (in charge of the party, the popular front and the youth policy), Olga Sitnikova (responsible for media and Internet), Igor Depakin (in charge of regional policy) and Mikhail Belousov (responsible for national policy). Fifth — Habirov.

Khabirov is the only Vice-Raven, who came to the Kremlin to Vyacheslav Volodin. And she Voronov, and all her deputies came there since 2012, after Volodin headed the political unit. Khabirov is in office since 2009, prior to that, he spent five years in charge of the administration of the President of Bashkiria. In media it was called a possible successor to former President of the Republic Murtaza Rakhimov. The newspaper “Kommersant” reported that because of the fact that Rakhimov had seen in Habirova competitor, he fired him in 2008. After the dismissal against him opened a criminal case on charges of taking bribes, and the local United Russia expelled him from its ranks. However, soon afterwards habirova took a job in the Kremlin and he moved to Moscow. The criminal case was closed “in connection with absence of crime event” in the party he was also restored.

Media have repeatedly reported about the possible dismissal habirova, but every time this information is not confirmed. It recently has been seriously curtailed. For a long time he was in charge not only of the Federal Assembly, but also involved in the interaction with the political parties and the Public chamber. Yet in 2012-2015, the office was headed by Oleg Morozov, Khabirov played the role of his Deputy.

In 2014, responsibilities for interaction with the Public chamber, first went to the head of the other subordinate Volodin management — public projects Pavel Zenkovich, and political parties engaged in Prokopenko. He’s caring Morozov and the appointment of the Raven head of the Department in 2015, the informal became the first Deputy. However, he remained normal relations and Volodin, and Raven, says the interlocutor in the Kremlin.

The President has a Plenipotentiary representative in the state Duma (currently holds this position Harry Minkh), but it tracks the passage of the presidential laws and the work of the Deputy chief of management of internal policy is somewhat different, said the former head of Department Konstantin Kostin. This man deals with interaction with the parliamentary parties at all levels is both formal and informal communication, he said. “Including in the framework of the presidential agenda, it works as the Communicator between different parties in joint decision-making and legislative initiatives”, — says the former official.