The Prosecutor General’s office asked the Supreme court to ban the “AUM Shinrikyo”

The Prosecutor General’s office filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court, demanding to officially ban the activities of the sect “AUM Shinrikyo”, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the representative of the court. “The court received the claim of the Prosecutor General with a demand to ban the activities of the international religious Association AUM Shinrikyo. The lawsuit is scheduled for consideration on 20 September,” he said.

Data about the lawsuit are available on the website of the Supreme court. According to this information, the claim was submitted to the judge on 25 August, 29 August, was accepted for production, and on September 20 for a hearing.

At the end of March of current year it became known that in Montenegro the result of a police operation arrested nearly 60 foreigners, most of whom were Russians. All the detainees were members of AUM Shinrikyo, they were deported. Local police said about 58 deported foreigners, including 43 the Russians.

5 April, the TV channel “Russia 24” said about the searches in the apartments of members “AUM Sinrike” in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina the Wolf in this context, it was stated that the searches were conducted, the leaders and adherents of the sect and their results were found and confiscated items for rituals, as well as electronic media. In addition, it was reported on the detentions.

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the activities of “AUM.” The case was initiated under part 1 of article 239 of the criminal code (creation of an Association whose activity involves violence against citizens or other infliction of harm to their health).

The source of “Interfax” in law enforcement, meanwhile, argued that the detainees in Moscow and St. Petersburg were lovers of yoga.

“AUM” — emerged in Japan non-religious organization. Currently ranked number of terrorist groups in the United States, Canada, the UK and several other countries. The founder of the sect was declared insane. In March 1995, the followers of the sect carried out the attack in the Tokyo subway: they released sarin in cars, then 12 members of the “AUM Shinrikyo” was sentenced to death.