Bookmakers bet on getting parties in the state Duma

found some Russian bookmakers who take bets on the outcome of the elections of the state Duma (September 18). Bets on the eve of elections will only accept foreign companies: Russian bookmakers against the law to do that after the appointment of the election date.

How do rates

Players bet money on certain events. If the event does not occur, the player gets nothing. If the event occurs, the player receives a payout equal to the bet multiplied by the odds of the event. The most likely event, the more players place bets and the lower the ratio. For example, the ratio of the event “sunset” in the middle lane would have a 1 — to put it simply would have received his bet back. But suppose the ratio of events Breakfast meeting a live elephant in a coffee shop in the centre of Moscow” would be equal to 100 — the only prabhadevi such a scenario would receive a hundredfold winning.

The chances of smaller parties

The drafters of the political line of the company OllerBet (lines the bookies call the list with odds on the outcome of an event) decided to focus on the prospects of non-parliamentary parties. Bookies are betting on the passage or failure of the Motherland party, the Party of growth, PARNAS and Yabloko.

The more you earn (the highest rate), if put on the passage of the Duma opposition party PARNAS. If the party Mikhail Kasyanov will be able to break into Okhotny Ryad who is able to 6.1 times the original bet.

The most unfavorable factor of the passage of the growth: OllerBet yields of 1.85. This means that it is possible with identical success to put both on the ingress and the defeat of the party in the Duma. If you put 100 RUB. for its passage in the Duma, you can earn 185 RUB.

Odds for passage of the “Apple” and “homeland” is quite high: of 3.57 and 4.6. So at sports matches estimate the probability of success of the national team of Russia on football in the game against Germany or Brazil.

The bookmaker Betcity players bet on their defeat in the Duma of the “Motherland”, “Apple” and the Russian party of pensioners for justice.

“United Russia” for the risk-free

The safest bets for bookies to four parties in the Duma. Bookmakers are asked to guess whether or not the “United Russia” “Fair Russia” LDPR and the Communist party more or less suggested by the organizers of the sweepstake percent. The proposals of the bookmakers slightly above the results of the latest survey of leading sociological services.

Factor in Betcity betting to overcome the proposed percentage of the “United Russia” low — 1,36. This is an estimate of favorites to win in the home match when betting on sports. If United Russia will reduce your score, set to failure will get their money three times over.

In a similar way players behave with the Communist party. The coefficient for the rate of overcoming the proposed by the bookmakers percent to 1.62; ratio smaller result of 2.15. In the case of LDPR, the coefficient is higher for the lower result. “Fair Russia” predict percentage just above the threshold, but I bet that she gets more (1.55 against of 2.29).

The Kazakh bookmaking company “Goal+Pass” is also placed bets on overcoming the barrier of the established parties. Betting on the percentage of “United Russia”, KPRF, LDPR, “Fair Russia”, PARNAS and other parties. The coefficient on the excess of the percentage proposed by the United Russia — 1.55 V on the missing his — 2,36 “less”. The Communist party ratio is less than the above ratio is greater than (2 1.77). The coefficient on the fall and rise of the liberal democratic party in both cases, of 1.85.

At the time of publication of the betting company had not responded to queries about the number of players and volumes of bets.

To take bets for Russian companies after the beginning of the campaign ban the laws on basic guarantees of electoral rights and elections of the state Duma. “The political stakes in Russia on the eve of the election was popular, but a law was passed prohibiting betting on elections to the authorities since the start of the election campaign. Taking bets only sites outside the Russian jurisdiction zoneso for example. Legally working in Russia only four of the website is “Liga stavok”,, Winline and 1Хставка.ги” — explains the President of the self-regulatory organization of bookmakers of Russia Oleg Zhuravsky. When political stakes were allowed, one of the most successful bookmakers of the campaign was the presidential election in 2008. “When Dmitry Medvedev was elected President, was made tens of thousands of bets, this is quite a high level”, says Zhuravsky.