From the Ministry of education has fired the author of the initiative to deprive the degrees through the courts

From the Ministry of education has fired the official, speaking on the initiative on deprivation of a scientific degree in the court. This was announced by the head of Department Olga Vasilyev, reports TASS.

The Minister said that conducted an internal review to find out as position, changing the principle of deprivation of academic degrees, hit the bill of the Ministry. Originally the document was intended to grant the right of protection of the thesis for English language for foreign citizens invited to Russia for scientific research.

“It turned out that one of the employees of the Ministry without consulting with the Director of certification or his Deputy, has made such changes, what made a great confusion,” — said Vasilyev. According to her, “the author of the amendment dismissed, “because people don’t work that way”.

The fact of the incident, the Minister explained that “the person has not worked in the office and some things didn’t understand.” “What is called human factor,” she said.

The bill was published on the portal disclosure of information in early September. One of the amendments made to it was that in the event of a breach by the Creator of the thesis copyright, to deprive him of the degree will be possible only by court order. September 8, responsible for the development of the project, the Deputy Director of the Department of certification of scientific workers Stanislav Vasilyev said the radio station “Kommersant FM”, that “the definition of intellectual theft — the task of the court on intellectual rights”. “The issuance of a statement of deprivation of academic degrees becomes a kind of wolf hunting point against individuals. Here we want to secure a judicial decision to maintain the purity,” he added.

Dissatisfaction with the bill was expressed by the co-founder of the web community “Discerned” Andrei Rostovtsev. According to him, the adoption of the amendment practically would eliminate the deprivation of plagiatchikov degrees. “No one in the courts in these cases does not go. It opens wide the door for a different kind of fraud,” he said in a radio interview.

Over the last few years degrees have lost a few politicians. Among them — the State Duma Deputy, Rishat Abubakirov, and a Moscow city Duma Deputy Alexander Smetanov.