“I’m not a genius”: what is most memorable to Vladimir Markin, on the post of the speaker of the TFR

About his work gazetasi November 2013)

“You know, sometimes I call journalists on a mobile phone and ask questions, assuming that I read all criminal cases. Imagine me as a genius or at least a computer that remembers everything and knows everything about everyone. Unable to afflict you: it not so. I’m not a genius”.

On a high-profile statements (“Izvestiya”, may 2013)

“It is fashionable now to be strictly a political prisoner, once you can count on the attention of the BBC, and then to support Amnesty International. Perhaps that’s why curators are particularly effective managers prefer to speak with Aria Moscow guest from London, among the target audience. This moan they have a song called”.

About information based gazetasi November 2013)

“The word “source” I don’t like. Repeatedly talked about this. No sources never commented on, not commenting and will not comment”.

Control (gazety November 2013)

“You know, there are some views that the Investigative Committee is running uncontrollably. I hasten to assure you that it is not. Moreover, it does not. I already talked about this: there is a Prosecutor’s office, which oversees the Investigative Committee, there is an internal procedural control, in the end, there is judgment.”

On social networks (“news”, November 2013)

“Open the press review or look at of the social network, and simply amazed: all signs, especially well observable from exile that we have here in the Technical lane where there is a building in Moscow TFR — comm.) exactly and not only as another “37th year.” In any case, out into the corridor, and even in the basement once he looked to see no extrajudicial killings, patashnik moans and executioners in leather jackets even in the form of ghosts. Here and don’t know who to believe — your own eyes or prominent bloggers?”

On Twitter gazetasi November 2013)

“Creating my account, I was not going to just hang out on Twitter, drinking coffee, went there, went there, saw, saw — told too. I created it really for “feedback”.

About wine SK (Izvestia, may 2013)

“Now we, on the contrary, in the absence of large-scale projects will always be guilty, the Investigative Committee. Then at eight in the morning to search comes to the creative guys are strictly by the code of criminal procedure, the foreign guest in the corridors of the “SKOLKOVO” frighten proceedings. And how in such conditions to promote innovation and attract investment?”

A high-profile case of Ukrainian doctors-murderers

Do not rejoice,svidomye!Tomorrow at this filth the enemy is a neighbor,stole a piece of bacon,and he will also kill.What боролисьhttps://t.co/jMkynjnSDt

— Vladimir Markin (@VladimirMarkin) 21 Jun 2016

About the officials (“Вести.Ru (March 2015)

“It would be superfluous to remind the officials of different levels, which “confuse your personal wool with the state” for it to stop before it’s too late!”

About The Motherland

About top managers (“Results”, July 2013)

“We would like to warn senior managers: don’t you just run away to Paris or London, demonstrating the “Smoking gun”. Preliminary examination — this is not an accusation, signs — not necessarily proven facts.”

About the Maidan and its consequences

To collect empty bottles – this is the fate of maydanovskoy power… https://t.co/Jm8oT4X5OT

— Vladimir Markin (@VladimirMarkin) 13 APR 2016

Political order based radio station “Rain”, July 2013)

“For those who try to once again accuse result in a certain political order, I want to remind, the Investigative Committee was and remains one state order on behalf of the people to fight corruption. The Investigation Committee at the corrupt varieties do not share. They all, sooner or later, will be ours.”

About Nikita Belykh

Well, just Kozma Bars! “If the elephant’s cage will read the inscription “Buffalo”, do not believe your eyes” https://t.co/XJP4h79wHy

— Vladimir Markin (@VladimirMarkin) July 6, 2016

Corruption (live “News.FM, June 2016)

“Steal like an adult, and make excuses like children.”

About football

For this level the players enough and the usual shepherd… https://t.co/qknoneA6Rb

— Vladimir Markin (@VladimirMarkin) 23 Jun 2016

Of torture in police

“Modern contactless methods of” interrogation enabled the police of the Republic of Tatarstan to renounce the use of bottles. http://t.co/Es5jsMUbKm

— Vladimir Markin (@VladimirMarkin) August 26, 2015

About the journalist of “Novaya Gazeta”, Markin accused of plagiarism

What else can be famous to anyone but their wetlands are not known and do not need jurnalistika? https://t.co/RTSLOnZWaO

— Vladimir Markin (@VladimirMarkin) 7 September 2016.