Navalny challenged in the constitutional court’s rejection of his claim to Putin

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny has appealed to the constitutional court (CC) against the refusal of the Tver court of Moscow to consider his claim to President of Russia Vladimir Putin, informs “Kommersant”.

Bulk request to call unconstitutional the rule contained in paragraph 1 of part 1 of article 128 of the Code of administrative procedure, which allows courts not to accept administrative lawsuits, if they should be considered and resolved in another judicial procedure (in civil or criminal proceedings, the court of arbitration). His claim opposition is based on the fact that this norm does not present an administrative claim to the President.” According to the COP, the complaint Alexei Navalny forwarded for review to the judge-Rapporteur, after which the COP can take it into consideration or reject, says “Kommersant”.

In his complaint, the opposition argues that, although the administrative defendants in CAS can be officials, it provides only for the possibility of appeal to the Supreme court (SC) acts of the President, but “does not regulate the procedure of appealing such action or omission is a violation of the constitutional rights of citizens to judicial protection of their rights.” Since the law on armed forces this is not referred to, such claims, “given the residual jurisdiction” must accept the district court, said the oppositionist. Integrity, in his opinion, “does not protect President from civil and administrative legal proceedings”, and the separation of powers, according to the position of the COP, “implies the establishment of such a system of legal safeguards, checks and balances, which eliminates the possibility of concentration of power in one of them.”

Navalny filed an administrative lawsuit against Putin in February of this year. He suggested that the President had violated the law “On combating corruption”. Bulk asked “to recognize the inaction of the President on prevention and settlement of conflict of interests” and “to require the Executive of the defendant to refrain from the question of the allocation of funds for the construction of the West Siberian petrochemical plant of NWF,” taking the rejection

Conflict of interests the lawyers of FBK saw a President on the allocation of funds from the national welfare Fund of the company “SIBUR”, which is among the shareholders Kirill Shamalov. The authors claim has led to the Reuters story, which was told that in February 2013, the businessman Kirill Shamalov and Katerina Tikhonova, which the Agency called the daughter of Vladimir Putin, were married.

Court to Putin considered abandoned. In definition of court, in particular, it was noted that the Constitution guarantees the President immunity.