TFR losing face, the media reported on the resignation of Vladimir Markin

Resignation Vladimir Markin TFR from the morning of September 14 announced the publication Life. According to a source publication, talking about the departure of major-General started a year ago. This was confirmed by a source close to one of the offices of the FSB, saying that “the fate of Markina, like his boss, the Chairman of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin, was to be decided after the election, but recent scandals involving the press-Secretary of the Department “the last straw”.

Markin himself refused to comment on this information. “No comment, I don’t give”, — he declared to Agency “Interfax”.

New post

As reported by TASS, citing a source close to the investigation bodies, Markin preparing to change jobs. “It changes the scope of activities since received another offer where you will be able to solve no less ambitious and responsible tasks,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Interfax, citing sources, reported that new job can be a Markin the position of Deputy General Director of “RusHydro” public Affairs and bodies of state power. One of interlocutors of Agency has reminded that on November 23, Markin will be 60 years and this is the maximum period of stay at the current position, which may be extended only by a special decision. “Apparently, his powers would not be extended,” confirmed to “Interfax” by another source.

In a press-service “RusGidro” the appointment of Markin to the company is not confirmed. “I have no such information”, — said the head of the press service of the company Tatiana Ganina.

The book block

1 September 2016 in Moscow presented the book Markin called “The loudest crimes of the XXI century in Russia”. After reports about the possible resignation Markin on the website of the bookstore “Moscow” reported that scheduled for the evening of the 14 September meeting of the representative of the RCDS with readers canceled “for reasons beyond” from store reasons. Later TASS, citing a source reported that the meeting postponed because of the tight schedule Markin.

Scandal “straw”, according to the source , can touch the books after its release, several Russian journalists have accused major-General in the plagiarism.

So, on 7 September the journalist “the New newspaper” Hope Trusenkova said Markin, in his book used some of her text about Anna Politkovskaya without permission of the publisher and indication of the source. Markin responded to the statement of Prusenkova in his Twitter, calling Prusenkova “to anyone except your marshes are not known and need zhurnalistskoe trying to get publicity on his behalf.

What else can be famous to anyone but their wetlands are not known and do not need jurnalistika?

— Vladimir Markin (@VladimirMarkin) 7 September 2016.

Markin later apologized to the journalist for the “uncharacteristic rude statement”, explaining that he was “very emotional day”.

13 Sep plagiarism Markin has accused another journalist — special correspondent of “Kommersant” Ilya Barabanov. As he wrote on his page on Facebook, Markin used in his book the text, published in 2008 in the journal the New Times.

In the end, the responsibility that the writings of journalists was used in the book without references took the publishing house “Eksmo”, citing a technical error. Markin accepted the apology of the publisher. “Due to a glitch or technical error by publishing an apology, which I accepted. The following reissues of error the publisher will be corrected,” wrote Markin in his column in the publication Life.

From journalist to generals

Vladimir Markin was born in Chelyabinsk in 1956.After military service he began studying journalism at Moscow state University, graduating in 1985. Releasing, Markin went to work at the newspaper “Evening Chelyabinsk”. After moving to Moscow, Markin worked in radio and then in television, becoming an author and a presenter of several programs of VGTRK. He briefly left television in 1997, he was Director of public Affairs of the international Fund “Reform”, which dealt with issues of economic-social reforms and privatization in Russia and then occupied the post of first Deputy Minister of press and information of Moscow region.

In 2001, he returned to television, working on TV channels NTV and “Russia”. Management of interaction with mass media of the TFR Markin headed in 2007 and after four years was promoted to General-major of justice. After selecting the TFR from the Prosecutor’s office-head of Department of interaction with mass media of the RF IC.

Scandals with participation of Vladimir Markin

  • June 2016 – in your Twitter Markin, commenting on the opinion of the Prosecutor of Marseilles, who called the Russian fans “very well-trained fighters,” wrote the following: “a Normal man as he should be, gives them a surprise. They are accustomed to seeing men only on gay parades.” The answer Markin did not like the Kremlin press – Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov said that the words of the representative of the RCDS in no way reflect the official point of view.
  • 2011 – after inspections of Rosobnadzor lost the license of the Institute of Economics and culture, in 2009 Markin issued a law degree. Later the diploma was restored, and verification at the University blamed on confrontation between the Prosecutor General and the SK (Investigative Committee at that time investigated the case of the protection racket prosecutors casino).
  • 2013 – after the SC filed a case of embezzlement against the Vice-President of “SKOLKOVO” Alexei Beltyukova, Earlier, a case was brought against the former head of the financial Department of the Fund “SKOLKOVO” Cyril Lugovtseva and Director General of customs and financial company “SKOLKOVO” Vladimir Khokhlov, the Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov, speaking at the London school of Economics, said that the investigation is no proven evidence of guilt of the managers. Markin said Surkov column in the newspaper Izvestia: “it is Fashionable now to be strictly a political prisoner, one can immediately gain the attention of “Bi-bi-si”, and even to support Amnesty International. Perhaps that’s why curators are particularly effective managers prefer to speak with Aria Moscow guest from London, among the target audience. This moan they have a song called. And the song what a pity”.

In 2009 Markin received the diploma of the Institute of Economics and culture, faculty of law, but in 2011, his diploma was cancelled due to the closure of the University after verification of the service. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, this check was initiated by the Prosecutor’s office and investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs tried to collect dirt on Markin. Subsequently, his diploma was restored.

Creative personality

In 2015, Vladimir Markin returned to television as the presenter of the program “the Investigation will show” on the First channel. In the same year, together with the popular singer Stas Piekha he recorded the song “homeland” and starred in the video.

In 2014, Markin starred in the anti-corruption Comedy “fool’s Day”. For the premiere he came, holding a statuette of “Oscar” and told reporters about his role in the film. “My role in the film is very conventional, but I was interested to participate in the film, which the authors humor approached the problem of corruption in Russia”, — said Markin.