The court refused to release former head of the Komi Republic under house arrest

The Moscow city court on Wednesday refused to send under house arrest the former head of Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaizer. He will remain in custody until December 19.

The court Gayzer delivered personally. On the extension of his arrest, insisted the investigator and the Prosecutor. They referred to a standard base — can disappear, put pressure upon witnesses and impede the investigation or destroy evidence.

Against their arguments objected to the Gaiser and his lawyer Vyacheslav Leontiev — they didn’t satisfy the petition of the investigator, and to send a former official under house arrest.

The court also upheld the detention of the Deputy head of Komi Alexey Chernov, speaker of the state Council of Komi Igor Kovzel, the financier Leo Libenson and the chief of one of managements of the government of Paul Marushchenko.

Year under arrest

Gaiser was arrested a year ago in the capital’s Domodedovo airport when flying from Syvtyvkar on vacation through the capital. With him in custody were still 15 people, including a former Senator from Komi Yevgeny Samoilov. A Bolo was declared businessman Alexander Zarubin, a former adviser to the Governor.

Immediately after the arrest Samoilov began to confess, when formed the basis of the charges. In particular, he was told that 2007 was one of the investors in the country and talked about the acquisitions of various assets in the region, said a source close to the investigation. According to him, from the very beginning involved Syktyvkar LPK (a timber company) and LDK (wood processing plant), a regional dairy plant, plant of reinforced concrete products, as well as “Komi road company.

Tightening article

Originally Gaizer, the investigators were charged with forming a criminal community, and two counts of fraud: the theft of a 50% stake in the hotel “avalon” and the output shares of JSC “Poultry zelenetskaya”. According to the lawyer Gayzer, Vyacheslav Leontiev, the episode with the theft of shares was terminated.

But as it became known, in August, investigators charged Gaizer, this episode is not as a fraud, and bribery in especially large size.

Now, the prosecution considers a “bribe” gear in 2014, 50% of the company “Autocentre” on which balance there is the hotel “avalon” controlled entities of the Republic’s administration, say sources close to the investigation.

This asset, told the interlocutors of the Agency, belonged to the former Senator from the Republic of Komi Yevgeny Samoilov. But for the protection of his business, says the prosecution, in 2014, Samoilov gave him Gaiser and Co.

As follows from the database SPARK, half of the shares (25%) of the company “Avtotsentr” at that time was recorded on the offshore Cypriot company Samoilov Catamour Hoklings Limited, and the second part (25%) — the sister of one of his managers — Svetlana Camponovo. But in 2014, both shares were formally sold to entrepreneur Aleksey Sokolov, insists the investigation.

According to a source close to the investigation, according to the prosecution, to give these transactions a legal form, the defendants convinced Samoilov to write ious in the amount of в129 million. And also issued a loan and has acquired six Bank bills, cost of 27.5 million.

Receipts and promissory notes are the formal pay-for transactions of purchase and sale of the shares of the hotel, according to investigators. The real value of the asset exceeds 160 million rubles, said the prosecution.

According to the SPARK database, in October 2014, the falcons became the owner of 50% shares of the company “Avtotsentr”, and in 2015, the asset was transferred to the companies controlled by manual respybliki “Hotel Service”, which owns them now. Another 50% of the company “Autocentre” is owned by “complex” in 2011.

Thus, now the Market is charged with four Criminal code — the establishment of a criminal Association, receiving a bribe in especially large size, legalization of proceeds of crime and fraud (210, 290, 174.1 and 159 of the criminal code).

Samoilov also in may was placed under house arrest.