The Russian space forces have prevented the attack “Islamic state” in Palmyra

On the Russian VKS prevention of the onset of the militants of the “Islamic state” (ISIS organization recognized as banned in Russia) in the Syrian Palmyra on Wednesday, September 14, told reporters Deputy head of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff Lieutenant-General Viktor Pesnihi.

“The fight against ISIS continues. Yesterday, the Russian space forces launched strikes in the area North of Palmyra, where he focused ISIS militants for an attack on this city”, — quotes the words Posnaia “Interfax”.

According to him, the airstrike had destroyed 250 terrorists and 15 pickup trucks with heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft guns.

Palmyra was liberated from the ISIL militants the Syrian army with the support of Russian aviation in March 2016. The terrorists kept the city in the summer of 2015. For a few months, the terrorists have destroyed the ancient temples and Bela Balsamina and the arch of the II–III centuries of our era.

In early August, there were also reports of Russian air strikes near Palmyra. In the management of the press service and information of the defense Ministry then said that the blows inflicted six long-range bombers on ISIS targets in the areas to the East and North-West of Palmyra”. During the impact destroyed the control room, and major field camp near the town of es-Sohne. In addition, was destroyed control points and clusters of terrorists, three terrorists, infantry fighting vehicles, 12 vehicles with heavy machine guns and “a large number of manpower of the opponent”, then reported the Russian defense Ministry.