CB explained the reduction in funds in banks

The volume of deposits and funds on accounts of enterprises, according to the Bank, dropped in August by 1.4% — to 24.5 trillion While only eight months of 2016, the volume of funds of enterprises fell by 9.4%. Extension the needs of the business resources continued due to the stable dynamics of the main indicators of economic activity, wrote the Bank of Russia on Thursday in the review of the banking sector.

Experts believe that to draw conclusions about the growth of economic activity prematurely. “There is no evidence of recovery or growth. The economy is in recession,” said chief economist “PF Capital” Evgenie Nadorshin.

In his opinion, companies are reducing their balances due to the fact that they did not increase, and often reduces the profit, incomes fall, credit debt is extinguished in the absence of new borrowings.

“We note the improvement in the dynamics in certain sectors of the Russian economy, but to talk about the growth of economic activity and the increase of business in other States is premature,” — says the analyst of PSB Dmitry Monastyrshin.

The Bank of Russia also indicates that a significant strengthening of the rouble in August had a significant negative impact on the dynamics of Bank assets and lending. The volume of Bank loans declined over the month by 0.5%, loans to companies by 0.9%. The loans to natural persons in the same period increased by 0.7% in nominal terms (adjusted for the strengthening of the ruble — 0.8%).

In just eight months of this year the volume of loans issued by Russian banks has declined by 4.2%, of loans to enterprises by 5.6%. The only segment that showed growth in retail loans (+0,1%). “Banks are in no hurry to cut rates and to issue new loans. Even if you in retail and there is a small revival, then his potential is small: the only segment where there is good prospect of this mortgage, but not now. The growth of this segment in recession, prestudy income and the average rate of nearly 13% is also very limited,” adds Nadorshin.

The volume of deposits decreased in August by 0.3% — to 23.4 trillion rubles From the beginning of 2016 the volume of funds of individuals grew by 0.7%.

In late August, the head of Sberbank German Gref said that the Russian economy can be seen the first signs of stabilization. “Despite the negative growth of the Russian economy in the first half of 2016, we see some signs of stabilization in the face of rising oil prices and the strengthening of the ruble, which allows to predict a positive GDP dynamics in the second half of 2016”, — he said.