Hackers Fancy Bear reported the positive doping test of the boxer Aloyan

Hacker group Fancy Bear breaking into the database of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), has published a new list of athletes participating in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro and in urine samples which was found a prohibited substance.

In the list was Russian boxer, silver medalist of the Olympics in Rio Misha Aloyan. According to data published by the hackers, he failed the doping test, which was commissioned on 21 August — it was the last competitive day of the Games. Sample And showed the athlete in the body tuaminogeptana — a drug that is considered a stimulant.

In addition Aloyan in the list includes 10 us, 5 British, 5 German, one Danish, one Polish, one Czech and one Romanian athletes.

13 September a group of Fancy Bear published data obtained as a result of hacking the ADAMS system, which records all the results of doping tests. According to these data, well-known U.S. athletes, including tennis players Serena and Venus Williams and gymnast Simone Bilz, for a long time used illegal drugs.

In particular, Serena Williams, according to released by hackers of information used oxycodone, opioid hydromotor, prednisone, and methylprednisolone prednisolone. The use of all these drugs she received permission from WADA — World anti-doping Agency and international sports federations allow the use of medications included into the list forbidden, if it is necessary for treatment.

WADA then announced that the hack was carried out through an account created for the International Olympic Committee to the Olympic games. The hackers managed to obtain the data of athletes, including confidential medical information, such as permission for the use of prohibited drugs for therapeutic purposes.

CEO WADA Oliver Niggli condemned the cyberattacks. WADA had informed law enforcement authorities that these attacks are orchestrated from Russia,” he said. “We want to say that these attacks undermine the attempts of the global anti-doping system to restore confidence in Russia”, — said the head of WADA.

In the Kremlin in response to the allegations by WADA stated that the involvement of Moscow “cannot be and speeches”. “We can say that any kind of involvement of Moscow, the government, some Russian services to such actions — it can not be considered. It’s entirely possible”, he said.