Markin admitted to non work on his book

The official representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin said that is not a “professional writer”, but because the function for writing the book “The loudest crimes of the XXI century in Russia”, he gave the publishing house “Eksmo”. This was said in a conversation with Bi-bi-si.

According to Markin, his task was the collection and selection of materials of criminal cases and establishing the logic of the plot, assessment and conclusions. “For the publishing — literary and technical text processing, including the duty to correctly identify the citation of the criminal records or press reports,” — said the representative of the Investigative Committee.

Markin also pointed out that the accepted “Eksmo” in connection with incorrect quoting in the book. The publisher has explained the occurrence of a technical error.

On Tuesday, the journalist of “Kommersant” Ilya Barabanov was accused Vladimir Markin, who is on the cover of the book names its author of plagiarism. So, Drums explained that the representative of the UK used his text published in 2008 in the journal the New Times.

7 Sep plagiarism Markin has accused the journalist “the New newspaper” Hope Trusenkova. TFR spokesman responded to the accusations on his Twitter page, wishing good luck to those who wants to unwind on his behalf, calling the journalist “to anyone except your swamps, not known and not needed.” Later, he made the reporter apologize.

In the book “The loudest crimes of the XXI century in Russia” contains a review about it Chairman of the Public Council at the interior Ministry Anatoly Kucherena, who by her virtues brought “undoubted talent of the author who is entertaining and at the same time, professionally present to the reader the complex process of disclosure of intricate crimes.”

On 14 September it became known about the impending resignation of Markina. On his departure sources said Life, “Interfax and TASS. This information was confirmed by a source close to the presidential administration. A source close to one of the offices of the FSB, said that the question about the future career of the official representative of the TFR was to be decided after the Duma elections, however, associated with recent scandals was “the last straw”.

The source of “Interfax” stated that Markin can take the post of Deputy General Director of the company “RusHydro” public Affairs and bodies of state power.