Trump has published a statement from a doctor about your health

Republican candidate for US President, Donald trump has published a report on their health, which States that it is in “great shape.” A copy of the letter of his private physician Harold Bornstein was provided by the publication of The Washington Post.

The document notes that trump takes medication for lowering cholesterol and is overweight. The results of the survey also States that “he does not use tobacco and alcohol.”

The help provided by Bornstein, contains data according to his medical history and did not specify what illness he suffered from in the past, the newspaper notes.

A health issue in the presidential candidates came to the forefront of the campaign after rival trump from the democratic camp, the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton was forced because of poor health to leave the mourning event dedicated to the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Later it turned out that the Clinton pneumonia. She was forced to cancel several events of his campaign, but promised to resume it on Thursday.

On Wednesday, election office, Clinton published a letter to her attending physician Lisa Mess, stating that “she is healthy and fit for work by the President of the United States.”