Media reported about the deployment of Russian military in key road in Aleppo

Russian troops are stationed along the main road in the besieged Syrian army Aleppo, reported the American Associated Press Agency the representative of the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights, Rami Abdurrahman. According to him, Russian troops have replaced part of the Syrian army in anticipation of the delivery of humanitarian aid, which is expected on Friday evening.

An activist from Aleppo, Bahaa al-Halabi told the news Agency that the Syrian troops never left the road in areas held by the rebels.

As passed “Interfax” the first Deputy head of the main operations Directorate of the General staff of Armed forces of Russia the General-Lieutenant Victor Pozniki said at a briefing on Friday that Syrian troops withdrew from the road of Castello, separating their positions from rebel positions, armored vehicles and artillery to create a demilitarized zone. Also on Friday, senior operational group of Russian troops in Aleppo Sergei Kapitsyn said that Syrian troops returned armored vehicles into the demilitarized zone on the road to Castello, to prevent its capture by the militants, reports TASS.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in Moscow has not confirmed the deployment of Russian troops on the road to Castello, and at the Pentagon said they have no data on the withdrawal from this area by the Syrian troops.

The national coalition of the Syrian opposition made against the “Russian occupation” of the road to Castello, and called for the delivery of humanitarian aid through UN peacekeepers, reports the WSJ.

The withdrawal of the Syrian army and opposition forces from the road of Castello is one of the conditions for the realization of the cessation of hostilities agreed last Friday that the USA and Russia and which came into force on Monday evening.

On Friday Secretary of state John Kerry and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed by telephone the situation in Aleppo. The foreign Ministry of Russia States that the Secretary of state drew attention to the need to “urgently ensure humanitarian access to Aleppo and promised to facilitate the solution of problems related to threats of the militants not to miss humanitarian aid.

In the message, published on the official state Department spokesman, John Kirby, said Kerry made clear that the United States will not create with Russia a joint center for the coordination of the fight against terrorists in Syria, while Aleppo will begin deliveries of humanitarian aid. The Secretary of state stressed that Washington expects that Moscow will affect Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that his forces missed the convoy with humanitarian aid.

Relief supplies to Aleppo for the fifth day are on the Turkish side of the border, and they are beginning, as the warring parties can not agree on the route of delivery, says WSJ.