Medvedev set the priority of goods from Russia for the procurement of state corporations

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree that sets the priority of Russian producers in procurement, which are performed by public corporations. The corresponding document was published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to the report, the document sets the priority of the goods of the Russian origin, as well as performed works and services rendered by Russian persons in relation to goods originating from foreign States, as well as works and services performed and rendered by foreign persons.

The decision, which comes into force on 1 January 2017, determines the order and terms of priority. The document is intended to encourage the development of all sectors of the Russian economy, emphasized in the message of the Cabinet.

The document was developed to implement the powers of the government specified in clause 1 of part 8 of article 3 of the Law No. 223-FZ “On procurement of goods, works, services by separate types of legal entities”. This law establishes procurement rules, in particular state corporations and natural monopolies.

On 7 September during a meeting with representatives of small and medium enterprises in Ulan-Ude Medvedev asked the question of the right of priority of goods produced by Russian producers towards goods produced abroad. Entrepreneurs drew attention of the Prime Minister that “a normative act, which would implement this priority does not yet exist”. Businessmen have complained to Medvedev that large companies and state corporations that carry out procurement according to 223-mu to the law, “have no legitimate ability to support domestic producers”.

In response, Medvedev said that one of the documents on this subject is being prepared and will be released “in the next two to three weeks.”