More than 80% of Russians expressed unwillingness to participate in protests

More than 80% of Russians said that, most likely, not ready to personally participate in protests against falling living standards or political demands. About it writes on Friday the newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing data from survey conducted by “Levada-center”.

Readiness to achieve economic protests, said 12% of the respondents, 10% declared readiness to participate in protests with political demands. 6% and 5% respectively were undecided.

The majority of respondents also believe that their regions are unlikely as economic and political protests. Only 18% of respondents see the possibility of mass protests against falling living standards and 15% allow the protests with political demands.

As stated by the publication, Deputy Director of “Levada-center” Alexei Grazhdankin that people, realizing that the crisis is here to stay, decided that the protests are not the solution, because it does not lead to significant changes. He recalled the protests of 2011-2012, which, according to him, showed that in the country nothing has changed. In addition, according to the sociologist, is the fear from the events in Ukraine, and the protests are not perceived as peace action. Also, people “remember the time on the marsh case,” he added.

Grazhdankin also believes that the very idea of protests on the eve of elections to the state Duma became discredited. “Expectations of fraud in this election, almost no, in spite of the usual pre-election trends. Nobody has been actively campaigning that the election will be illegitimate, and there is no voltage. If the government will give a sign that it is possible to protest, then people might try for it, but while the power looks like a strong and determined protests should not be expected,” he said.