The Washington Post called hacker attacks in the United States by Putin’s revenge

The actions of the Russian President out of revenge and attempt to win the respect and regain the lost status of a superpower on the decline of economic power and the upcoming elections in Russia, says The Washington Post. The publication notes that such a conclusion is based on interviews with senior us intelligence, interviews with recently retired employees of the CIA involved in the Russian direction, and the three most recent analytical report of the office of the Director of national intelligence, trained employees, specializing in Russia and Eurasia.

According to Fiona hill, who worked in Russia as a U.S. intelligence officer under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Putin decided to act with the United States as well as, in his opinion, they did with Russia. Hill believes that the hacker attacks are intended to intimidate the American establishment. “He shows us the middle finger … the hacks need something to make us tremble with fear,” she said.

Former employee of U.S. special services Angela Stent, engaged in Russia from 2004 to 2006, believes that “Putin still comes after derogatory statements” made by Obama when he called Russia a regional power. She noted that whatever turned out in the end, in fact, Russia is returning to the international arena.

“This is the main enemy of his country, and he sees a chance to use his weakness at the critical moment”, — said the publication with his opinion about Putin’s policy towards the US high-ranking diplomatic source in Moscow. He spoke on condition of anonymity as not authorized to make public statements.

On the assessment of senior U.S. intelligence officer, Russia uses the USA has already been tested in Europe scheme to undermine the trust in government, reduce public support for NATO, and to persuade voters in favor of candidates more inclined to share the views of Putin.

“Moscow obviously wants to demonstrate its importance as a dominant regional player and a global leader, but its ability is limited by the sluggish economy, demographic decline and often clumsy foreign policy moves,” said The Washington Post this spring. He added that “Russia is also trying to resist the dominance and influence of the US in international relations.”

The newspaper reminds that in September 2015 in an interview with the American CBS television network and PBS Putin said that he considers absolutely unacceptable that the solution of internal political problems in the former Soviet republics with the help of “color revolutions”. “Our partners in the United States do not hide that they supported those opposed to President Yanukovych,” — said the Russian President.

This week, The Washington Post reported, citing its sources in the government that American intelligence agencies increased intelligence breaches against Russia to the maximum since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The reason for this, according to interlocutors of the Agency, was the policy of Russia in Ukraine and Syria, as well as the activities of hackers.

The interviewed experts noted that unlike China, which uses long-term, strategic approach to industrial espionage, Russia is acting tactically under conditions where context and timing are very important. Worked in Russia, experts told the WP that the Russian security services have sufficient budgets to conduct influence operations and actions in cyberspace, and their abilities in these areas, already substantial in the Soviet era, since then only increased.

The number of alleged Russian hackers edition mentions hacking email of senior us officials, breaking into the mail server of the governing body of the Democratic party, and then in the database of the electoral commissions in several States and publication of the list of American athletes taking doping.

Dmitri Alperovich, CTO of CrowdStrike, who worked on the consequences of hacking the networks of the headquarters of the Democrats, claimed that hacker group Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear respectively on the GRU and FSB. The Russian intelligence services were accused hacker Guccifer 2.0, posted on the network confidential documents of the Democratic party. Person or structure behind the alias, rejected the relationship with Moscow. Group Fancy Bear on his website wrote that an international team of hackers, advocating for fair play and clean sport.

In September of this year in an interview with Bloomberg Putin has denied allegations of Russia’s involvement in hacker attacks on the databases of the US Democratic party. According to him, cybercriminals often disguise “their activities with the activities of any other kind of hackers from other areas, from other countries.”

Senior researcher of the Moscow Carnegie Center Alexander Baunov said that the US actions are harmful to democracy around the world. “They’re doing the same as Putin, explaining any problems… interference from abroad,” said WP expert, stressing that the result is “putinization American politics.”