Ukraine offered to deprive Russia of the status of the Chairman of the CIS in 2017

Head of the Ukrainian delegation at the CIS summit in Bishkek, the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Nikolai Doroshenko at the enlarged meeting said that Ukraine stands against Russia to become the Chairman in the CIS in 2017, as it believes that Russia has violated international law by annexing Crimea and promoting the conflict in Ukraine.

He also said that Ukraine will take part in the census CIS, if Russia will not consider in their persons, living in the Crimea. Otherwise, the results perepesi Kiev “will be considered worthless,” warned Doroshenko.

Russian President Vladimir ” Putin said the Ukrainian representative.

“Russia does not annexed. Everything that happened with Crimea — the result of illegal actions in the coup,” said he. Crimea, according to him, Russia joined the popular will.

“About the presidency of Russia in CIS: Ukraine has not signed or ratified the CIS Charter and is unlikely to make any proposals,” added Putin.

After this controversy the heads of the CIS moved on to signing the final declarations of the summit.

On Friday in Bishkek hosted a jubilee summit of the CIS. The Commonwealth in 2016, celebrating its 25th anniversary. In a narrow format the two leaders were to discuss five issues, including the question of the adaptation of the CIS to modern realities and Executive Secretary.