“United Russia” changed responsible for the media two days before the election

Two days before the elections of the state Duma (will take place September 18) in the “United Russia” gave way responsible for information policy. Is Pavel Klimovskiy, Deputy head of the Central Executive Committee — head of the Department of information and mass communications (includes press service) appointed Dmitry Minenko, said two people in the party and he confirmed, refusing to comment further.

Klimovsky before joining the party was the head of the press center of the Ministry of internal Affairs. He fulfilled all the assigned tasks before the election, but recently wanted to leave for family reasons, said the source .

Minenko still held the position of Deputy head of the Executive Committee of the popular front, which also was responsible for the information block. Prior to that, he worked as the head of Department on public relations of group “the Sum”. He studied at the faculty of journalism at the Military University of the Ministry of defence, together with Deputy head of the internal policy of the Kremlin Timur Prokopenko, who is in charge of the party and the onf. Earlier sources called a creature of Prokopenko and the head of the Central Executive Committee of United Russia Maxim Rudnev.

Minenko proved to be good in onf, which has become a source of manpower, says a source close to the leadership of “United Russia”. From the front came including the Governor of the Volgograd region Andrey Bocharov (led by the Executive Committee of the Front) and the Minister for Far East development Alexander Galushka (was co-chair of the Central headquarters of the popular front). In addition, state Duma elections, many activists of the popular front included in the election list of “United Russia”. For example, the party is running another Deputy head of the Executive Committee Natalia Kostenko.

The question of who will deal with the information policy of the popular front, remains open, in place Minenko while nobody is appointed, said the source in the Front. In the “United Russia”, his immediate supervisor will be Olga batalina — she oversees the information policy as Deputy Secretary of the General Council.

Change of head of the information unit of the party is not the only permutation before the election for political block of the Kremlin. Informed sources told the resignation of the Deputy chief of management of internal policy of the presidential administration Radium habirova. He was engaged in relations of the Kremlin with the state Duma, and now may go to work in the Executive branch.