Kommersant learned about the dispute Siluanov and Shoigu for 10 trillion on armaments

At a closed meeting with President Vladimir Putin was a conversation in “raised voices” about financing of the state armament programme (GWP) for the period from 2018 to 2025, writes “Kommersant” with reference to sources in the financial-economic bloc of the government.

According to one of interlocutors of the edition, after the report of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on the integrated cost estimate budget for future SAP started the discussion of the parameters of the state program, but soon the tone of the discussion changed.

The reason for the dispute, said the source, were “diametrically opposed” to determine ultimate funding of the LG-2025, which was expressed by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov and defence Minister Shoigu Segei: the first said about 12 trillion rubles, the second — about the amount of about 22 trillion rubles.

The newspaper cites the argument of the representatives of the financial unit. According to them, in the current economic realities, the budget will not sustain such a large load, and a sharp increase in defense spending will adversely affect the implementation of other programs, including social.