Putin reminded about his role in creating “well-known political structure”

Answering the journalists ‘ question about who he is going to vote in the upcoming elections to the state Duma, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said that “decided”, the correspondent .

“Today is the day of silence, and I decided long ago, when we created the known political structure. So here is the novelty of some no,” said the President, speaking at the summit of the CIS in Bishkek.

Putin also stressed that not involved in the campaign so actively, as does his American counterpart Barack Obama and urged not to engage in propaganda in the “day of silence”.

In those States the President is actively involved in the campaign one of the candidates, the democratic party in this case. I’m not actively doing. It seems to me that your comments are not needed. I repeat, let’s the day of silence agitation and propaganda is not going to do that,” said the President.

Elections to the state Duma held in Russia on September 18. They attended 14 parties. Elections will be held on the mixed system: half of the seats will be distributed according to the results of voting in single-member districts. For election to the lower house of Parliament parties need to overcome the five percent barrier.