Regions were asked to assess the draft law of the Ministry of interior on the municipal police

All-Russian scientific research Institute of the Ministry of interior developed a draft law on municipal police, who sent to the regions for feedback, writes “Kommersant”.

Under the bill, municipal police will be created by the parliaments of the municipalities as a division of the local administration or the local self government with the rights of legal entities”. Funding and logistical support to the police due to exercise, the municipalities, and the promotion, compensation and benefits for milicionerov will be set by laws of constituent entities of the Federation.

The main task of the police will help the police and other law enforcement agencies in ensuring the safety of citizens, the officer will be able to carry out the inspection of citizens during mass events, do patrols of the localities, to draw up protocols on administrative violations, to deliver drunks and addicts in hospitals, and offenders — the police and help search for missing people.

The police will not give the police their authority, for example, in the field of patrol-guard service, or the organization of service of election. The police are municipal employees and will operate only within city districts or municipal areas. To them, the project allowed to use civilian weapons. To obey the policeman on the project should “only immediate or direct leader.”

According to the head of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman, who got acquainted with the document, the draft raw and raises many questions”, and its essence is to “throw the Ministry of interior’s uninteresting powers of inspection of landfills, the protection of rallies, leaving him with money.”

Roizman believes that the police will be “something like national teams, and it is unclear who will reimburse the municipalities the cost and whether it is at all.” Ranepa, Professor Victor Nechiporenko also said that the question of money, which was not enough.