The French experts found traces of TNT on the wreckage of EgyptAir A320

The French experts found the wreckage of the airliner A320 EgyptAir crashed in may in the Mediterranean, traces of TNT, writes Le Figaro. The origin of these traces of explosives is still not clear.

However, a deeper examination of the employees of the Institute of criminal research of France can not, because the judiciary of Egypt did not allow French investigators to a more detailed study of the wreckage.

As told to the edition a source close to the investigation, Egypt “wants to prepare the joint with France report, which will be confirmed by the presence of traces of TNT”. However, the French authorities have refused this offer, since the experts had not yet determined, as traces of explosives found on wreckage.

A320 aircraft of the Egyptian airline EgyptAir has disappeared from screens of radars on may 19, during a flight over the Mediterranean sea. He made a flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo, on Board the plane were a total of 66 people. The next day, the Egyptian authorities reported the discovery of approximately 290 km to the North of Alexandria, fragment of the body, seat and Luggage of passengers of the missing aircraft.

During the investigation of the causes of the disaster have repeatedly received reports of a possible fire on Board the plane. In July, the Investigative Committee of Egypt announced that the flight data recorder recorded mention of a fire just before the crash. Then, the office did not identify the cause of the fire and the place where it happened.

Prior to this, Le Figaro earlier reported that the crew of the crashed plane was trying to extinguish the fire before the crash. To eliminate the fire tried one of the pilots, the report said, citing the results of decoding of one of recorders. The entry of parametric recorder located in the tail of the plane breaks off when the plane was at an altitude of 11 km from Le Figaro wrote that the fire did not affect the failure of the second flight recorder, and the aircraft flew another three to four minutes after the termination of employment.

Egyptian investigators also reported smoke on Board the crashed plane which was recorded by fire sensors in the toilet and in the avionics compartment. According to the French TV channel BFM TV, the investigation is inclined to the version about technical malfunction as the causes of the disaster.