The USAF withdrew 10 F-35 fighter because of a defect in the fuel tanks

The U.S. air force took the decision to recall 10 F-35 fighter after it was discovered that “insulation in the fuel tanks stratified and beginning to crumble,” reports CNN, citing a statement the air force.

This defect has affected a total of 57 fighters, at the U.S. air force has already delivered 15 of them. A little over a month ago, they announced the combat readiness of ten F-35, another four are used for training flight and one for testing. The others are still not off the line, and the problem will be fixed in the production process.

The manufacturer of fighter planes, Lockheed Martin has already supplied the us air force 108 F-35As. Only the US air force plans to buy 1763 of the aircraft. According to CNN, the F-35 was named the most expensive military aircraft in history, the cost per aircraft is $135 million, the entire line is estimated at $400 billion.