Pamfilova threatened with criminal cases and cancellation of elections on Altai

“We are now closely deal with the situation in the Altai territory. If the facts about today on some radio stations in the morning talking, if confirmed, will take the most serious measures, up to excitation of criminal cases and considering the possibility of canceling the elections,” Pamfilova was quoted by “Interfax”.

The CEC head explained that she had directly received all of the information that came from the claimants. “All this information is transmitted to the Central apparatus of the interior Ministry. In place of the Ministry of interior is doing,” she added.

Earlier on Sunday, during a single day of voting representatives of political parties complained to the electoral Commission of the Altai territory. They told about the attempt of illegal voting in Barnaul. In the press center of the regional vote, the Agency said that he had received information about training in the Park “Forest fairy tale” the so-called cruise of the vote. “Currently, this information is checked. While it is impossible to talk about the confirmation of these facts”, — explained in Department.

According to representatives of the parties, in the Park, were arrested about 20 people and six cars.

The representative regional GU Ministry of internal Affairs told RIA Novosti that the law enforcement bodies of the Altai territory started on the given facts check.

September 15, Pamfilova said that they are ready to resign, if she “fails” the elections to the state Duma. “You know that I owe you, I resigned when I didn’t agree with on policy positions. So if I fail this election, of course, I’ll resign” she said then. “Untouchable for us and never will be”, — she said.

Shortly after the appointment Pamfilova promised to do everything in order to prevent the election of “ugly abuse” that “in the previous campaign brought protesters to the streets”.

The special coordinator of the OSCE observers in the elections to the State Duma Ilkka Kanerva said that across Russia there are about 500 observers from the organization. “We get very detailed information and are working to make the whole picture of the elections. Of course, we will try to do it as quickly as possible, but the earliest date when we will be able to provide an overall assessment of the elections is tomorrow”, — quotes its TASS.