The head of the Altai election Commission said the absence of violations in the region

None of the polling stations in the Altai region are not established facts of violations, and the rollers the organization of “carousel” voting rigged, said the Chairman of regional election Committee Irina Akimova during the CEC meetings, reports “Interfax”.

“To date, no evidence of violations found for any of the rooms of the electoral precincts, which we recorded as a call on the Internet,” she said, adding that checks the electoral Commission carried out the field visits.

She also reported that an average of 10 or more people are present as observers at each polling station, including in Barnaul. No polling station no no of observation, said Akimova. In addition, the region has international observers, including OSCE / ODIHR, she said.

On Sunday during the single day of voting representatives of political parties complained to the electoral Commission of the Altai region at attempt of illegal voting in Barnaul. In the press center of the regional electoral Commission said that he had received information about training in the Park “Forest fairy tale” the so-called cruise of the vote.

The representative regional GU Ministry of internal Affairs told RIA Novosti that the law enforcement bodies of the Altai territory started on the given facts check.

The head of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, in connection with the data on the violations declared readiness to react harshly if the information is confirmed. “We are now closely deal with the situation in the Altai territory. If the facts about today on some radio stations in the morning talking, if confirmed, will take the most serious measures, up to excitation of criminal cases and considering the possibility of canceling the elections,” she said.