The HRC received reports of electoral violations in the regions

Monitoring group of the HRC from different regions of Russia report violations at the election, told “Interfax” the head of the Commission the HRC on electoral rights, co-chair of the monitoring group for the elections Ilya shablinsky. “Information on violations is fed continuously in various regions,” he said.

According to him, complaints were received from the Moscow region, Krasnodar territory, Astrakhan and St. Petersburg.

In particular, according to monitoring group in suburban Shchelkovo citizens asked to vote on the tables, because the polling booths were not ready. This is a serious breach, said sablinski, adding: “this is Usually used when a controlled, supervised voting.

In addition, there are complaints from Dmitrov, where observers were not allowed to familiarise with mobile voting. In Dinskoy district of Krasnodar region, according to Shalinskogo, observers noticed that in several uchaschihsya “homeworkers” comprising more than 2 thousand people, while in the voter lists numbers of 300-400 voters.

Complaints of Astrakhan and St. Petersburg concerned the long line of military, who lined up two polling stations in each of the cities. “Is a column. It conscripts. In St. Petersburg, they are not listed in any lists. Lists are made right now,” said sablinski.

He also noted that a call from Barnaul, he did not. Earlier on Sunday, during a single day of voting representatives of political parties complained about the attempt of illegal voting in the city. In the press center of the regional electoral Commission said that he had received information about training in the Park “Forest fairy tale” the so-called cruise of the vote. The CEC head Ella Pamfilova in this regard, the threatened criminal charges and possible cancellation of the election results.