The media explained the mistake of the U.S. in the air strikes on the Syrian army

As reports CNN with reference to the representative of the Washington administration, Americans in General reported to representatives of Russia, where the planes of the antiterrorist coalition was going to attack positions of Islamic state (banned terrorist organization). The exact coordinates of the impact Moscow was not mentioned.

Source television reported that coalition aircraft had to destroy the tanks of the IG, which had previously been under surveillance.

Source Washington Post also reported that strikes at targets that us intelligence within a few days he took over the military equipment to ISIS. According to him, the aircraft destroyed six military vehicles along with a nearby people. According to him, this is an error caused by problems with intelligence.

25 minutes after the start of the strike in Moscow told the Americans that actually strikes on the positions of the government army. After that, the plaque was stopped, although the pilots were and unfulfilled tasks.

“In Syria there is a difficult situation, where various armed groups and the groups are close to each other. However, the coalition forces were not its original purpose to attack the government army,” – said the Central command of the U.S. army.

Russia in connection with the events in Deir ezzor called for the convening of an emergency meeting of the UN security Council.

According to the Ministry of defense of Syria, in an airstrike, killing more than 60 troops, 100 were injured. In addition, was destroyed 20 units.