In the elections in Moscow and St. Petersburg has recorded a record low turnout

Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Moscow region — the regions with the lowest voter turnout as of 17:00, announced the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova. Stations close at 20:00.

Nationwide voter turnout as of 19:00 was 39.37 percent. Most of the electorate voted in Kemerovo (78,9%) and Tyumen regions (74,3%) and Chechen Republic (72,16%).

In Moscow in the elections by 18:00 come 28,62% of the electorate, said the Chairman of Mothersurname Valentin Gorbunov. In the Duma elections of 2011, the Muscovites voted more active: then 18:00 came to areas of 50.1% of the electorate, at 15:00 they were of 34.35%. In 2007, the turnout at 17:00 and 14:00 was 44 and 29.8%, respectively, in 2003 to six in the evening voted 50,99%, Gorbunov recalled. On elections of the mayor of Moscow in 2013 voted of 32.03% of voters.

Elections to the state Duma. Preliminary results

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In Saint-Petersburg at 17:00 until plots reached 16.1% of voters. In 2011, to 18:00 already voted 38,65% of the vote in a three-hour day was 15%. The turnout in the elections of the Governor of St. Petersburg in 2014, made up of 32.03%. In 2007 elections of the state Duma to five in the evening in St. Petersburg voted for 38.7% of the electorate.

In the Moscow region to five in the evening voted 21,73% of the voters. In 2011, to six in the evening in St. Petersburg voted 44%.

The 2016 election of the state Duma for the first time in the modern history of Russia held in December, and in September. The authorities chose a strategy for reducing voter turnout and minimize pre-election activity, wrote in a recent report on the election of the experts Committee of civil initiatives Alexei Kudrin. Experts explained that the election minimization activity reduced the participation of independent and critical-minded observers and Pro-government electorate is mobilized “through other, often non-public mechanisms.” Organized the vote in Moscow and Moscow region on Sunday, reported by the observers.

General Director VTsIOM Valery Fedorov has previously explained that the elections low turnout is expected, as the older generation, which in Soviet times used to have to go to the polls, unfortunately, is gradually disappearing, and the young people to the polls almost never.