Putin called the election results reactions to the attempt to destabilize the situation in the country

At a meeting with members of the government, President Vladimir Putin said that good results on the election of the party “United Russia” was achieved against a background of complications in the economy and social sphere, as well as reduction of real incomes.

“In the midst of these difficulties, a large number of uncertainties, risks, people will definitely choose the so-called stability. Trust the leading political force, the government. The results of the vote it is also a reaction of our citizens to attempt external pressure on Russia, threats of sanctions, attempts to destabilize the situation inside,” said Putin.

The night after the polls close Putin with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived in the headquarters of “United Russia”. “With confidence we can say that the party achieved a very good result. Won,” — stated the President.

“Hard, hard, and people still for the “United Russia” voted, — said Putin. In any case, people see that representatives of “United Russia” really trying for people who are working sincerely”. “Work as efficiently as possible,” he added. According to Putin, “skeptics may say that it is not as good as could be”. “Simple is better, no one works”, he concluded.