The CEC has updated the preliminary results of the elections to the state Duma

After counting 12% of the protocols on elections to the state Duma, the leader “United Russia”. United Russia is 46,67%. Second place is the liberal democratic party from 16.45% of the votes. Third — the Communist party. They 15,88%. Another party has overcome the five percent barrier, — “Fair Russia”, she was previously gaining 6.4% of the vote.

The “Communists of Russia” and 2.8% of the vote, the Party of pensioners previously gaining 1.9%, the “homeland” — 1,43%, “Yabloko” — 1,37%, the Party of growth of 1.04%. Other political parties do not gain more than 1% of the vote.

According to exit polls by VTsIOM and Thomas, of the catechumens after the polls closed, the United Russia party get 44.5 and 48.7% of the vote, respectively. According to the Polls the liberal democratic party, gaining 15.3 percent, the Communist party — 14,9%, and “Fair Russia” — 8,1%. The other parties did not overcome the 5% barrier. About voting for Yabloko said 3.5% of respondents, PARNASSUS is 1.2%.

According to Thomas, the Communist party is gaining 16.3%, and LDPR — 14,2%, “Fair Russia” — 7,6%. “Apple” gets 3.1 per cent.

Elections to the state Duma. Preliminary results

The latest data in real time

As of 18:00 GMT turnout in the elections was 39.37 percent. Since then, the CEC has not published new data on turnout.

After was announced the first preliminary results of the elections, President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev after nine in the evening arrived at the office of “United Russia” in the Bath lane. They appreciated the results of United Russia in the Duma elections as a victory. “I can safely say that our party won,” said the Prime Minister. “With confidence we can say that the party achieved a very good result. Won,” said Vladimir Putin.

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