The turnout exceeded 46% after counting 36% of the vote

According to the CEC, published after the counting of 36.4% of the vote, the turnout in the elections to the state Duma made of 46.72%. The last time the CEC has published data on turnout at 18:00 MSK, then the turnout was 39.37 percent. The final figures will be announced at 10:00 GMT.

Ka explained a member of the CEC of Valeric hooks, quoted by “Interfax” the official data on turnout, the Central election Commission announces four times a day and voting concludes in the morning.

However, during the counting of votes on the monitors is “technical” appearance. It will change in real time as new information about the processed Protocol.

Previously, the record low turnout was recorded in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. In the capital to 18:00 on plots came 28,62% of the vote in St. Petersburg by 17:00 the turnout was 16.1% of the electorate.

Most voters, according to 18:00, voted in Kemerovo (78,9%) and Tyumen regions (74,3%) and Chechen Republic (72,16%).