“United Russia” has surpassed the 50% according to preliminary data of the CEC

“United Russia” is gaining 50,32% of votes after processing of the 21,19% of the vote, according to data of the CEC. After the counting of 14.6% of votes United Russia received 46,67%. Receiving more than 50%, “United Russia” will take a minimum of 112 seats in Parliament.

In addition, after processing the 22.16% of the protocols, the United Russia leaders in 188 out of 211 single-mandate districts. Thus, the ruling party claims to be a constitutional majority.

According to preliminary data of the CEC, the Communist party reduces the gap from the second place of LDPR. They have 15.1 and 15.5 percent, respectively. To overcome the 5% barrier fails and the “Fair Russia”, she, according to preliminary data, at 6.38%.

Elections to the state Duma. Preliminary results

The latest data in real time

The data of exit polls by VTsIOM and Thomas, announced earlier, gave United Russia 44.5 and 48.7% of the votes respectively. A third of respondents VTSIOM refused to tell for whom they voted. After the announcement of the first preliminary results by the CEC with the victory of “United Russia” congratulated the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and President Vladimir Putin.

Most likely, the game results will fluctuate until the morning, predicts the head close to the Kremlin Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky. The final result may indeed be different from the data of exit polls, in first place, this is due to the “technology explained” shear sampling surveys in favor of cities — less social scientists interrogate the villagers, and then the rating of “United Russia” or the Communist party could be higher, says the expert.