In the Network appeared the message about the capture of “agent of the FSB” militants LIH

The site Intel Group that tracks the online activity of terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), reported that militants associated with the Furat publishing Media published a video appeal of an alleged hostage. The man in the video claims that he is an employee of the FSB, and applies “to President Vladimir Putin and people of Russia.”

The video, which specifies the site at the time of publication was available on the YouTube server.

Man shot in the video, calls his name and surname, date of birth, and claims that his last place of residence was “the city of Tsaritsyn in the Moscow region. He also calls himself “a freelance agent of the 2nd operations Department of the FSB of Russia in the city of Moscow to the rank of captain.”

In the frame says that “he was arrested by the security service of the Caliphate at the next job,” and asks the authorities of Russia and his immediate leadership “to do everything possible for their release”. However, he claims that fulfilled its tasks “including on the territory of the North Caucasus.

The newspaper “Kommersant” notes that the movie is not similar to the video, which the militants had previously published. The man is dressed not in the usual for captives of ISIS orange jumpsuit and a black jacket which has a patch “kafir” not previously used for tagging the captured people. In addition, he is wearing a baseball cap, also unusual for such a video, the newspaper writes.

At the time of publication of the material, no official comments from the Russian authorities on the roller not received.