Obama condemned Russia in his recent speech at the UN General Assembly

On Tuesday, September 20, President Barack Obama spoke at the UN at the opening of the 71st session of the General Assembly. This is the last speech of Obama as the American leader at a similar event to: 20 January 2017 he will officially resign at the end of scheduled for the November U.S. presidential elections.

First Obama’s speech at the opening of the UN General Assembly took place in September 2009, six months after his inauguration as American President for two months prior to the award of the Nobel peace prize. “I know what expectations are associated with my rule around the world,” said Obama. But these expectations are not connected with me personally, but rather based on opposition to the prevailing status quo, in which we were too dependent on the underlining differences between us. They are based on the belief that real change is possible.”

Summing up, this time the outcome of his administration, Obama first and foremost marks the foreign policy successes in recent years. Success, he called for serious improvement of relations with Cuba and Myanmar as long-time enemies of Washington, and the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran. “Done, which has changed the lives of many people, and which would not be without the spirit of cooperation,” — said Obama. According to him, if to compare the current situation with the time of the end of the cold war, the world is now “more prosperous, less violent, though more unpredictable.”

“Society is filled with uncertainty, anxiety and discord,” continued the politician. Despite unprecedented progress, people were disillusioned with the state institutions, the authorities became more difficult to manage and national conflicts quickly floated to the surface. One of the reasons for mutual exclusion of power and the people is free market and total globalization this leads to a growing gap between the rich and the poor and to social discontent.

Obama believes that the rate of global integration needs to be subjected to serious correction — which, however, did not affect the very foundations of globalization. Adequate alternatives to liberal development, according to the politician, there, and isolationism, he said “victory over himself”. The States in this regard should not interfere in the Affairs of other States, but must purposefully build from the inside out role model.

Another position, according to the President of the United States, adheres to Moscow. “In our world, long ago left the era of empires, we see how Russia is trying to restore his glory by force”, — he stressed. Overall, according to Obama, one of the signs of the imperfection of world diplomacy and is the fact that “some major countries” allow themselves to violate international law.

Only diplomatic means can resolve the Syrian conflict, which has dragged on for more than five years, Obama said: “There can be no final military victory, to end to promote the difficult path of diplomacy, able to stop the violence and to provide assistance to those in need.” These words came a few hours after the attack on the humanitarian convoy to the South-West of Aleppo.

At the end of his speech, Obama cautioned. “Many times in the past people believed that the world has finally achieved the enlightenment, but then returned to the path of conflict and suffering. Perhaps this is the fate of our generation, ” said the President of the United States. We cannot forget the choice of individuals, leading to world wars. But you need to remember and decisions of those who created the UN to put these wars to an end.”